Extended family of Henning and Matilda Nelson gathered in Ridgway, PA in the summer of 1988

Joelle was taking the picture with a timer but it was set wrong and she could not get in the picture fast enough

Nelson Family Tree versus attendees

Henning and Matila Nelson - Gone

Mildred and Henry Juers - Gone

    Clarice and Bill Eckles

        Chip and Colleen Eckles, Jeff fand Sue Eckles, Todd Eckles, and Kurt and Dana Eckles

    Dave and Andrea Juers

        Dan and Joelle Juers

Esther Piccirillo

    Sylvia and Joe Catalano

        Jim and wife Catalano and daughter Rachel, Laurie and husband and Ronny Catalano

    Rosalie and Ray Balotti with daughter and grand daughter

Paul and Inga Nelson - Living in FL

    Larry and Lisa with children Paul, Amanda and Phil

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