Being an engineer, I like data to understand a problem.

This section of my website deals with politics based on data not idealogy.   What is wrong, what works and fix it!!

1. Climate change - It is already happening.   Our children and grandchildren are going to say:  “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

2. Abortion - There is a middle ground - Education and free contraceptives

3. Terrorism - Fight the ethical war - Taking innocent life to make a political point is wrong

4. Health care mess - Universal Health care is the solution

5. Government deficits - Time to reduce the deficits - Enough tax cuts

6.  Renewable Energy - Time to reduce our reliance on oil for climate change but also sustainablilty

1.  There is an amazing website site on world data from population to energy.  If you are interested it is “

2. This site, “,” has detailed USA and international economic data.

3.  I am using a website called “” to gather Eckles/Eckels Family History.  There is data on roughly half of the people in my book and about a quarter of the data is full obituaries.  It is a treasure trove of free information.

4. If you are looking for a car this website, “,” has car insurance loss history by car model and year.  Don’t buy a death trap!!

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