William and Clarice Eckles’ homes from marriage to present

Bay Village, OH

Street:  27009 East Oviatt Rd

Bought for $18,000

Dates:  1957 to 1961

Size: 1309 sq feet, two bedrooms and 1.5 bathroom, detached 2 car garage

Lot:  50 x 210 feet

Stories:  Two

Improvements:  Finished attic into two bedrooms with cool closets and window seat.  Wallpapered the walls with AAA maps

Born:  Chip, Jeff, Rebecca and Mark





Canton, OH

Street: 220 17th St across from art institute

Dates:  1961 to 1965

Size:   2149 sq feet, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Stories:  Three floors - Seven levels

Lot:  50 x 151 ft

Improvements: Converted garage to family room, added new garage, and added flagstone patio

Born:  Todd and Kurt

Story:  The flagstone patio was very pleasant, and Dad would take a nap on the patio with the radio on


17th St

Akron, OH

Street:  718 Evergreen Dr

Dates:  1965 to 1968

Size:  2242 sq feet, three bedrooms and an attic, and two bathrooms

Stories:  Three

Improvements:  Very little but removed paint from built in-china cabinet

Story:  Jeff and I shared the attic.  We kept snakes in an aquarium and sometimes they would get away.  We had a favorite sledding run called “Bouncing Betty”


Evergreen St

Boardman, OH

Street:  8008 Spartan Drive

Dates:  1968 to 1972

Size: 2240 sq feet, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths

Lot:  0.5 acre, 80 x 364 ft

Stories:  Two

Improvements:  New construction, so we worked in the large yard

Story:  There was a valley and creek behind our house and Jeff and I spent many hours exploring.  We played many hours of basketball on the driveway.


Spartan Dr

St Joseph, MI

Street:  3852 Windermere

Bought for $41,900

Dates:  1972 to 1973

Size:  1759 sq feet, Three bedrooms and two bathrooms

Lot:  1.25 acres, 122 x 450 ft

Stories:  One

Improvements:  Put up a fence for the airstream

Story:  Dad created a ice rink with 2x4’s and a plastic liner in the back yard

3852 Windermere


Ida, MI

Street:  15185 Mix Rd (POB 241)

Dates:  1973 to 1988, rented from 1988 to 1994, and 1994 to 1996

Size:  4400 sq feet, 6 bedrooms and 2.5 baths

Lot:  28 acres

Stories:   Two

Improvements:   Had structure, roof and electric done and we did the rest

Story:  There was one tree on the property when we moved in and there were thousands when we left.  My dad loved trees.  He would get bundles of 50 from the

15185 Minx Rd

(Only part of the 28 acres)

Red Bank, NJ (Rental)

Street:  70 Coleman Ave

Dates:  1988 to 1994

Size:  2208 sq feet, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths

Lot:  0.48 acres

Stories:   One

Improvements:   None

Story:  Nanny lived with Mom and Dad in the Mother-in-law suite

70 Coleman Ave

Holland, OH

Street:  8863 Stone Oak Dr

Bought for $192,500

Dates: 1996 to 2002

Size:  4000 sq feet, four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms

Stories: Three

Improvements:  Finished basement with bathroom and air conditioning

Story:  Mom and Dad created a oasis on their back porch overlooking the creek and the kids loved the creek.

8863 Stone Oak Dr

Lake Ashton, FL

Street:  4308 Ashton Club Dr

Bought for $228,100

Dates:  2002 to now

Size:  2265 sq feet, Three bedroom and two bathrooms

Lot:  0.28 acres

Stories:  One

Improvements:  Added patio

Story:  Dad worked on the house for many years adding  features and shelves.

4308 Ashton Club Dr

Second homes

Atwood Lake, OH

Street:  >9707 Lakeshore Dr - NE  

Dates:  1961 to 1972

Size: Three Bedroom and one bathroom

Stories:  Three

Improvements:  Built from the ground up

Story:  We spent the summer at this cabin.  Mom called it “Hungry Hill”

Saddlebag Lake, FL

Street:  5620 Saddlebag Lake Rd (Queen of Waters St)

Dates:  1989 to 2002

Size:  Single-wide trailer with screened-in porch that doubled the size with roof over both.  Back patio facing the Saddlebag Lake

Stories:  One


Some place

along this strreet

Duck, NC

Street:  126 Seahawk Dr East

Dates:  1981 to 2002

Size: Four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms

Stories:  Three

Improvements:  Maintainence

Story:  Mom and Dad bought the lot sight unseen when Colleen and I bought a lot in 1980.



Dr E

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