2021 Cannon Beach Eckles Family Reunion

Everyone had fond memories of the previous Cannon Beach Reunion, and Rebecca and Mike decided a repeat was a good idea.  There were 33 people, 25 Eckles, 4 boy/girl friends and 2 honorary Eckles (Rich and Catia Davis).

The whole crew on the beach with the Haystack in the background

Back (L-R) Jewel, Matthew, Mary Kate, Ryan and Camila

Front (L-R) Chip, Casey and Colleen

Back (L-R) Jeffrey and Alex

Front (L-R) Mike, Casey and Laurie

Back (L-R) Amie, Rebecca, Ethan and Maddy

Front (L-R) Garrison, Casey and Mike

Back (L-R) Mark and Jackie

Front (L-R) Luke, Casey and Nick

Front (L-R) Todd, Lauren, Casey and Brandon

Front (L-R) Dana, Will, Casey, Kurt and Rachel

Shortest to Tallest

Crazy town


Ryan and Camila

Matthew and Jewel

Garrison and Amie

Maddy and Ethan

Cannon Beach Fun

View from two beach from houses

Front lawn of two beach front house with Amie’s dogs

Eckles Brothers, Sister and Mom on the deck of the third house

Fire pit in the backyard of the third house

Hanging out

Hiking on the beach

Looking at the amazing flowers in Oregon

Making sand castles

Making art

Fishing for and feasting on salmon

Seeing Catia and Rich

Drinking wine

Trying to get tattoos of there birth order and settling for henna

Drinking draft beer from Cannon Beach Cup