Schmitt Family Photographs with Family Tree to understand relationships relative to me (Chip Eckles)

Great-grandfather - Fredrick Schmitt married Catherine Bost      Born in 1885 in Sharpsburg, PA (Crucible Steel 25 yrs)

    Grandmother - Cecelia Schmitt married William Eckles         Born in 1907 in Whitaker, PA

        Rosemary, Irene and William (Father)

    Alma Schmitt married Harry Schaefer                                    Born in 1909 (Harry married Cecelia after Alma passed)

        Harry, Richard, and Thomas

    Elmer Schmitt married Leora Baker                                       Born in 1911 in Whitaker, PA (Crucible Steel for 40 yrs)

    Katherine Schmitt married Wilbur Dersheimer                      Born in 1913 in Whitaker, PA

        William, Thomas and Michael

    Charles Schmitt married Anna Rodfong                                 Born in 1914 in Whitaker, PA (Mgr Crucible Steel Works)

        Charles, Marian, Arthur, Melissa, Mary                                    Mimi was a friend to the Eckles in PA

      Fred Schmitt married Virginia Anderson                               Born in 1916 in Whitaker, PA (Crucible Steel)

        Virginia, Mary, Frederick

    Paul Schmitt and Ruth Anderson                                          Born in 1918 in Whitaker, PA (Crucible Steel for 43 yrs)

        Thomas, Paul, James, Gary, Robin, Colleen                             Colleen is the Schmitt Family Historian

    Bernard Schmitt married Betty Dobronz

        Bernadette, Bernard, Bradley

Fredrick and Catherine Schmidt

Catherine Schmidt with Mother Mary Bost

Fredrick and Catherine Schmidt

Fredrick and Catherine Schmidt

Fredrick Schmidt with Toots

Catherine “Nana” Schmitt’s 75th Birthday Party

Cecelia and William Eckles - See Eckles

Alma and Harry Schaefer

Elmer and Leora Schmitt

Alma Schmitt

Elmer Schmitt

Katherine and Wilber Dershimer

Fred and Virginia Schmitt

Katherine and Wilber Dershimer at wedding

Fred and Virginia Schmidt

Charles and Anna Schmitt

Charles and Anna Schmitt with children Charles, Marian, Arthur, Melissa, Mary

Marian “Mini” Loftus and Dave Mullen 

at Schmitt Reunion

Charles Schmitt

L-R:  Midshipman Chip Eckles and Jerry Buck visiting the Loftus Family in PA (Chris, Becky, Mary and Amy)

Marian “Mini” Loftus and Eleanor Gilligan  

at Chip’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party

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