Climate Change

Climate deniers are ignoring science because of the near term economic impact.  I believe we should embrace the issue and change our world for the better.   We need to understand that the Earth is finite system and we need to take care it for ourselves and for future generations.  

PS:  Papa (William Eckles Sr) said “Always build on high ground” and with climate change his advice is doubly important!!!

Reality vs. Fiction

1. There is currently a scientific consensus on climate change and  there has been one for many decades.

2. Climate change is happening right now and the effects of climate change are without doubt, incontrovertible evidence of  

      climate change

3. The ten hottest years ever recorded all happened since 1998 and the hottest one of all was 2014.

4. NASA declares that fluctuations in solar activity do not correlate with the rapid increase in global temperatures over the  

       last few decades

5. A report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007, which was based on the work of some

       2,500 scientists in more than 130 countries, concluded that humans have caused most if not all of the current global          


Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have increased drastically in a short amount of time

Source: NASA (data from NOAA)

Statistics on the Scientific Consensus

1. More specifically, the official scientific opinion on global warming is that it is occurring right now, and that it is more than

          90% certain that human activities are causing it due to greenhouse gas emissions (according to the IPCC's Fourth      

          Assessment Report in 2007).

2. Although the media will give the illusion that there is still a debate on climate change, 97-98% of climate scientists affirm

          the tenets of anthropogenic global warming (this data originates from the Proceedings of the National Academy of  

           Science which took into account 1,372 scientists).

3. What is more, the study shows that the average expertise of the 2-3% who deny man-made climate change was much          

           below that of their colleagues, based on both publication and citation rates.

Rapid Melting Worldwide

1. Scientists predict that a 1 meter sea level rise is well in the range of possibilities.

2. The Arctic could become ice free by as early as 2020 (more conservative estimates say it will happen by 2040).

3. Worldwide, glaciers and mountain snows are rapidly melting. For instance, Montana's Glacier National Park which had 150

       glaciers in 1910 now has only 27.

4. The melting of glaciers will cause serious water shortages for people who depend on them. It will also affect much of the

        world's agriculture, which relies on perennial rivers flowing from glaciers.

Seasonal variation and long-term decrease of Arctic sea ice volume as determined by measurement backed numerical modelling

The maps above compare the Arctic ice minimum extents from 2012 (top) and 1984 (bottom). In 1984 the sea ice extent was roughly the average of the minimum from 1979 to 2000, and so was a typical year. The minimum sea ice extent in 2012 was roughly half of that average.

Other Specific Data

1. Sunny Day Flooding on the East Coast - Little problems will

       become a big deal

2. Louisiana - Coastline loss due to numerous issues

3. Florida - Big impact

Impact of 5 foot sea level rise in Florida

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