Nelson Family Photographs with Family Tree to understand relationships relative to me (Chip Eckles)

Great-Grandfather - Henning Nelson married Mathida Martinson       Born in 1847 in Sweden and worked as laborer

    Grandmother - Mildred Nelson married Henry Juers                     Born in 1908 in Ridgway, PA and homemaker

        Mother - Clarice Juers married William Eckles                         Born in 1934 in Ridgway, PA and nurse

                Chip, Jeff, Rebecca, Mark, Todd and Kurt

        Uncle - David Juers married Andrea Langen                             Born in 1938 in Ridgeay, PA and PHD in Chemistry

            Cousins - Doug, Joelle, Pam and Dan 

    Great Aunt - Esther Nelson married Mike Piccirillo                         Born in 1911 in Ridgway, PA

        Cousins - Benjamin, Sylvia and Rosalie

       Great Uncle - Paul Nelson married Inga Pearson                           Born in 1914 in Ridgway, PA

          Cousins - Larre and Dennis

Henning and Mathilda Nelson

Henning and Mathilda Nelson

Mildred and Henry Juers - Three pictures and see Juers

Esther and Mike Piccirillo

Paul and Inga Nelson

Larre and Lisa Nelson with children 

Paul, Amanda and Phil

Larre and Lisa Nelson with children 

Paul, Amanda and Phil

Whole Nelson Family

Nelson Family Gathering in Croylen Camp in 1952:  David Juers, Henry Juers, Mildred Juers, Denny Nelson, Benny Piccirillo, Mike Piccirillo, Ester Piccirillo, Matilda Nelson (Grandmother), Ellen Bullers (Matilda’s sister), unknown, Helen Bullers (Ellens’ daughter) Clarice Juers, Sylvia Piccirillo, Rosalie Piccirillo, Inga Nelson and Larry Nelson (Paul Nelson taking picture)

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