Juers Family Photographs with Family Tree to understand relationships relative to me (Chip Eckles)

Great-Great-Grandfather - Henry Juers married Henrietta Behnke      Born in 1850 in Germany, carpenter and treasurer

    Charles Juers married Ida                                                        Born in 1878 in Germany and Hyde-Murphy Company VP

        Ruth, Corrine and Richard

    Great-Grandfather - Emil Juers married Wilhamine Raduechel      Born in 1880 in Iowa

        Anita Clarice Juers - Died early

        Grandfather - Henry Juers married Mildred Nelson                 Born in 1907 in Wassau, WI

            Mother - Clarice Juers married William Eckles                   Born in 1934 in Ridgway, PA and nurse

                    Chip, Jeff, Rebecca, Mark, Todd and Kurt

            Uncle - David Juers married Andrea Langen                       Born in 1938 in Ridgway, PA and PHD in Chemistry

                   Cousins - Doug, Joelle, Pam and Dan 

        Arthur Juers - Died of ruptured appendix

    Richard Juers and Clara

        Russell and Charles

    Martha Juers married Mr Morisette

        George, Doug and Gordan

     Otto Juers


    Henry Juers - Died early

Henry and Henrietta Juers

Four generations:  Henry, Emil, Henry and Clarice

Henry and Henrietta Juers

Emil and Wilhamine Juers (2nd wife - Grace Knecht)

Emil and Wilhamine Juers (She died in accident)

Emil and Wilhamine Juers’ son Henry raised by grandparents

Puzzle created by Email Juers in the 1910 to 1920 timeframe.  Kurt has the puzzle and he is working to create the missing pieces from clay and have them painted by Rachel to match the original picture

Henry and Mildred Juers

Henry and Mildred Juers - Wedding Photo

Mildred and her children, Clarice and David

Clarice in 1st Prom Dress

Henry and Mildred Juers with first grandchild, Chip

Henry Juers loved trout fishing and he was very good

Henry and Mildred with Mathilda and Andrea

Henry and Mildred with children, Clarice and David

Clarice and William Eckles - See Eckles page

David and Andrea Juers

David and Andrea Juers

David and Andrea Juers - Wedding

David and Andrea with children, Doug and Joelle

Four generations: Emil and Grace Juers, Henry Juers, David Juers and David’s four children:  Doug, Joelle, Pam and Dan

Eckles visiting Maine Juers

Dan Wedding:  (Top L-R) Pam Paige, Jolena and Dan Juers, Andrea and Dave Juers and Joelle Wicken (Bottom L-R) John Paige, Doug Juers, and Mark Wicken

David Juers and Clarice Eckles

David Juers and Clarice Eckles - Juers Family Patriarch and Matriarch

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