The family of Bill and Casey Eckles gathered in Sanibel Island after Christmas in 2013 - Sunny, warm, shell covered beach!!!

We decided to do the reunion after Christmas in Florida, so Dad did not have to travel and College kids were free during the summer to work.  After Saddlebrook, everyone wanted to be on the beach, so Mom talked to her friends and found a perfect place on Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Arms Condos on the beach

The kids headed to the beach immediately

Path to the beach

Happy New Year on the beach

The adults started drinking immediately

Rachel and Kurt on the beach

Sunset on the beach

Rachel on the beach

Maddy on the beach

Sanibel Arms Condos on the beach

Colleen and Matthew on the beach

The Kids did a mermaid on the beach

Hanging out on the on the beach in December!!

Eckles Family at Sanibel Island in December 2013

Matthew, Ryan, Colleen Chip and Mary Kate

Jackie, Luke Mark and Nick

Garrison, Rebecca, Mike and Maddy

Jeff, Mike, Alex and Laurie

Brandon, Todd and Lauren

Will, Dana, Kurt and Rachel

Mom and Todd

Mary Kate - Looking good

Will, Lauren, Matthew and Ryan at the Party

Mark and Mom

The birds on the beach had the same outfit as the kids

Mom and Dad

By height but missing a few

Happy to be at the party for awhile

Special wheelchair for Dad to visit beach

Will - Looking good

Lauren and Maddy on the beach

Mermaids on the beach - A tradition since 2009

Rachel mermaid

Maddy mermaid

Mary Kate and Matthew - Mer-people

Mike Merman

There are always sandcastles

Even the Moms wanted to be Mermaids

Hi guys!

Garrison and Maddy on the beach

By height on the beach

Alex on the beach

Mom and Colleen on the beach

Birds on the beach

Yoga on the beach

Dana, Rebecca and Maddy on the beach

Shells on the beach

Colleen on the beach

Mary Kate with shell necklace

Sunset at the end of the week with Naples on Horizon

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