Neil Moore’s Enchanted Sonata (Offset Lithograph, signed) purchased on May 3, 1986 at Jenkintown Newcomers Club Art Show and Auction

Neil Moore

I am described as a 'contemporary figurative realist painter' - quite a mouthful, but I guess it means that I am alive and paint people as they are. People, individually and humanity in general, continually perplex me. I try by painting them to try and unravel some of the complex tangle of our lives. It sounds daft and pretentious I know, but it's harmless and it is what I do.  I am not going to 'explain' the imagery. Any explanation by me, or anyone else, will deny you the opportunity to use your own imagination. Your response should arise out of your individual experience.

A few biographical details

1950 Born in Leicester, England.

1968-72 Studied Fine Art (painting) 1968-72 Loughborough College of Art

1973 Began part-time lecturing at Burleigh community College, Loughborough

1974 Moved to Leamington Spa, part-time lecturer at Warwickshire College

1974/6 'Artist at sea' with the Seafarers Education Service

1976 Resumed part-time lecturing at Warwickshire College

1979 Married college sweetheart Jane Birks (contemporary jeweller)

Subsequently had three children:-        

John  (born1980) - now an artist

Mirren (born 1982) - now a primary school teacher

William (born 1985) - now a principal dancer with Stuttgart Ballet, Germany

2010 Presently, living and working in Leamington Spa.

Recent Solo Exhibitions

2010 Open Studio, Warwickshire Artsweek

2009 Bo_Lee Gallery, Bath and East West Gallery, London

2008 Open Studio, Warwickshire Artsweek

2007 Artifex Gallery, Sutton Coldfield

2006 Nomi Gallery, Leamington Spa and Open Studio, Warwickshire Artsweek

2005 East West Gallery, London

2004 Open Studio, Warwickshire Artsweek

2002 Artifex Gallery, Sutton Coldfield

2001 East West Gallery, London

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