Letter from Henning Nelson to his sister Esther dated March 23, 1930:  

Eva Engberg found this letter and was kind enough to translate it into English for us to read

Translation completed by Eva Engberg (daughter of Nils Alexandersson, son of Esther Nilsson who was a sister of Henning’s).

Ridgeway Pa march 23-1930

Dear Sister Esther

Received your letter, Jan. 28 and see that you and your family have health and are feeling good.  So we have and wish you and yours nearest the same good gift.  You mentioned that you haven't had much of a winter there at home. The same here, we have  mostly nice weather every day.  I have been waiting for a letter from John, then I could write to both of you at the same time, but my  mind is getting restless and tells me that I must give Esther an answer to her letter so I am drawing some lines on the same thought.  I would like the distance between us not to be so far, then I would live (play?) "taser" with your  boys and teach them all what the world has to offer when they are growing up so there could be no  mistakes between the home and the big world. So I teach my boy, my practical life says me that I  am not doing any mistakes. Furthermore I understand that only a father could understand his sons natural and practical upbringing and the daughters upbringing belongs to the mothers.  I mentioned a couple of worlds about the philosophy of nature. This you took as religious thoughts.  I wrote it in away to find out which thoughts you had in mind when you met the thoughts of mine which I had when I wrote those lines from Salomos Preacher third chapter. This was written in the writing of the gods far before Jesus was born and is actually the thoughts about state and the life of business I the material world and that is all what matters to them. Concerning honest Christianity I can say my belief is the same as it was when I was a boy so my wish is that you wold not worry in that matter. Now at last I wish you luck and success for you and your family.

Sincerely Henning

.S. Greetings to all at home


Paul says that he will box the ears on John when he meets him if he do not write soon.

Paul sends you his card (photo).

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