Helping Eckles-Eckels Families Trace Their Family Histories


I have several sources that document the Eckles and Eckels families in America with over 600 families

1. Eckles and Eckels Families in the United States: A Brief History of the Present Families Eckles and Eckels Families and Their Ancestors Together with Some Notes on the Origin of the Surname and Some Early General History by Harry Edward Eckles, B.S., Chicago, Illinois 1946

2. Addendum to Harry Eckles Book on the Eckles Families in America by Nell Woods Black, Cedar Falls, Iowa 1963

3. I have worked over a period of years to expand this work and have over 9000 families now.  The outline of Harry Eckles’ book is shown below with original number of families by section versus were I stand now.

How to get help

To make a positive identification, I need two pieces of information to line-up.  Most of the families that I have good information on are pre-1940, so I need grandparents names.  I need formal names plus nicknames.  I can search on dates as well, so birthdays and dates they passed away are good.  Birth locations and cemeteries are also good facts that can be checked.

Just send me an email with the information and I will try to response in a reasonable time  Here is my email

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