Eckles Family Photographs with Family Tree to understand relationships relative to me (Chip Eckles)

Grandfather - William Eckles Sr married Cecelia Schmidt                    William born in Homestead, PA in1904 and steelworker

    Aunt and Uncle - Rosemary Eckles married Dave Mullen              Rosemary was born in 1926 and earned a BS and MS

        Cousins - David, Laurie and Debbie

    Aunt and Uncle - Irene Eckles married Douglas Melrose               Irene was born in 1929 and a homemaker

        Cousins - Douglas, Carol, Bill and Bonney and

    Father and Mother - William Eckles Jr married Clarice Juers         William born in NYC in 1933 and Gas Company Exec

        Chip, Jeff, Rebecca, Mark, Todd and Kurt

William Sr and Cecelia Eckles

Cecelia Schmitt as a girl

William Eckles with Ohio River in Background

Cecelia Schmitt

William and Cecelia in the 1920’s

William and Cecelia and family in the late 30’s

Rosemary, Irene and William in the late 1930’s

Rosemary, Irene and William in the early 1940’s

William and Cecelia Eckles

William Eckles on work site (Far left)

William Eckles Sr and Jr

William with Cecelia and Clarice

William and Cecelia with Eckles Grandchildren

(L to R) William Jr, William Sr, Doug Melrose

and David Mullen

Cecelia and William shortly before his died

Nanny in her Florida Home

Papa with Bookie/Painter Friend

Two set of twins at the same time!!

William Eckles Sr and Jr

William Eckles Sr and Jr, and Doug Sr and Jr

Cecelia and daughters, Rosemary and Irene

William Eckles shoveling snow in Monroeville

William and Cecelia with with their adult children

Nanny at her Wilmington, PA Home across the street from Irene and Doug

William and Cecelia in the basement of the Monroeville home (First owned home)

Cecelia’s 80th Birthday with her children, William and Rosemary

Cecelia in Michigan with Fern

Rosemary and David Mullen

Rosemary Eckles

Rosemary Eckles with her father, William Eckles

David, Laurie and Debbie

Rosemary with Bridemaids including Irene

Rosemary, Casey and Cecelia Eckles

Cecelia Eckles 80th Birthday Party - Mullens:  L-R Laurie Gentry, Rosemary Mullen, David Mullen, Debbie and Vince Kean with daughter Mary Claire

David and Cynthia Mullen with triplets

Nathan, David and John

Irene and Douglas Melrose

Doug Sr, Irene, Billy and Doug Jr Melrose at USNA after William and Mary Football game

Cecelia Eckles 80th Birthday Party - The Melrose:  L-R Billy and Ellen Melrose, Don and Carol Little with son Matthew, and Pat and Doug Melrose with children Jennifer, Diane and Michael

William Jr and Clarice Eckles

William Eckles Jr, Signa Ki

Bill Eckles and Casey Juers

Bill Eckles and Casey Juers

Bill Eckles and best friend, Bob Fleming

William Eckles, BSCE, University of Pitt, 1955

Bill and Casey, Wedding Shower

College parties, what can you say

Leaving the wedding

Casey with Mom, before wedding

Honeymoon if Florida in Cypress Gardens

Bill and Casey with first son, William III

Happy Casey with first son, William III

Christmas 1983 in Ida, Michigan

Back L-R:  Jeff, Kurt, William, Chip Todd, and Mark  Front L-R:  Sue, Casey, Colleen and Rebecca

Bill, Cecelia, Casey and Colleen Eckles

Chip and Colleen Eckles

Chip Eckles with Colleen and her parents,

Joe and Eleanor Gilligan

(Just after asking for her hand in marriage)

Casey Eckles, Cecelia Eckles, Kurt Eckles and Colleen Gilligan at USNA close to Herndon Monument

Colleen Gilligan and Casey Eckles changing Chip Eckles shoulder board to from Midshipman to Ensign

Chip and Colleen in the arch of swords after there wedding

Cutting the cake at the Wedding Reception

Colleen visited Chip in Rio during the UNITAS Cruise

Chip Eckles’ Graduation from Drexel University with a MSME in 1987

Bill Eckles joined Chip on USS Stump for Tiger Cruise for Florida to Norfolk, VA

Our first house at 504 Spruce St in Upper Darby, PA

Hot babe and a hot car

Visited Cape May in 1988

Second House - 51 King Charles Lane

Chip and Colleen Eckles

Chip and Colleen Eckles, and Eleanor and Joe Gilligan at Army-Navy Game

Ryan Eckles born

Chip, colleen, Joe, Kelly and Eleanor

1992 Christmas Picture with Colleen, Ryan and Chip Eckles

1993 Christmas Picture with Colleen, Mary Kate, Ryan and Chip Eckles

Chip with Ryan and Mary Kate

on the porch at Duck, NC

Sept 1995 trip to RI: Colleen, Mary Kate, Ryan and Chip Eckles

Oct 1994:  Joelle and Mark’s Wedding with Juers, Nelsons, Eckles’ and Catalanos

Matthew Born in 1996

Matthew Baptism in July 1996 with Grandparents:  Casey Eckles and Joe and Eleanor Gilligan

Ryan, Mary Kate, and Matthew

Colleen, Ryan, Mary Kate, and Matthew at Rocky Point Mexico in April 1999

Mark’s Wedding in June 1998 with Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sister and Ring Bearer, Garrison

Mark’s Wedding in June 1998 with Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sister and Ring Bearer, Garrison

Chip and Colleen in Nov 2000 out hiking in the desert

Ryan, Colleen and Mary Kate at Slide Rock in Sept 1999

Chip, Ryan, Mary Kate and Matthew in Florida in

Jan 2003

Chip, Ryan, and Matthew for Easter

Chip, Colleen, Ryan, Mary Kate Matthew and Star at Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Dec 2003

Chip, Colleen, Ryan, Mary Kate and Matthew at 2003 Reunion in Lake Tahoe

Jan 2003

Gilligan gathering in Las Vegas in Dec 2003

Gilligan gathering at Pam Roger’s Wedding

in Summer 2005

Our AZ House

Star the People Dog

Two peas in a pod:  Chip and Mary Kate bookworms in Flagstaff

Chip’s Mid-life Crisis Truck

2006 Christmas picture

Mother’s Day 2007

Obviously related:  Joe Gilligan, Colleen Eckles and Matthew Eckles in Jan 2009

Emily and Stef Richardson with Colleen and Mary Kate on Sedona Trip in Sept 2007

Thanksgiving at Kelly’s House in Nov 2009

Mary Kate and Ryan at Spring Valley in Jun 2009

Having fun in Downtown Tempe at the

Rabbit Statue in Jan 2010

Chris, Colleen and Kelly at Colleen 50th Birthday Party in Mar 2010

Easter at Scottsdale Resort in Apr 2011

Is it human or just a bug?

Visiting Chris and  Family in LA in Nov 2011

Mary Kate HS graduation in May 2012

Florida Reunion in Jan 2011

Ryan NAU Graduation in May 2014

Matthew HS graduation in May 2014

Three Eckles Men with their Subaru Foresters

Jeff and Laurie Eckles and Family

Mark and Jackie Ecklesand Family

Rebecca and Mike Sharpand Family

Todd Eckles and Family

Kurt and Dana Eckles and Family

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