Published Papers and Articles by Person

William F. Eckles, Jr

1. Eckles, W, Engineers - What Now? (1968) Business World, pages 78-79

2. Eckles, W, D.O.T. Record-keeping System. (1975) Pipeline Industry 

3. Four American Gas Association presentations on D.O.T. Record-keeping (1975), Computer Aided Dispatch System for Customer Service (1981), Microfiching of Service Cards (1984) and AGA Bar Coding Guidelines (1987)

William F. Eckles, III

1. Awerbuch, J., Eckles, W., and Katz, E., Detection of Failure Progression in Cross-Ply Graphite/Epoxy During Fatigue Loading Through Acoustic Emission.  (22-24 Oct 1985) Mechanics of Composite Review

2. Awerbuch, J., and Eckles, W., Detection of Failure Progression in Cross-Ply Graphite/Epoxy Through Acoustic Emission.  ( 10-13 June 1986) Proceeding of International Symposium on Composite Material and Structures

3. Eckles, W., and Awerbuch, J., Monitoring Acoustic Emission Cross-Ply Graphite/Epoxy Laminates during Fatigue Loading.  23 July 1986) 2nd International Symposium on Acoustic Emission from Reinforced Composites

4. Eckles, W., and Garnek, M., The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite Modal Test.  (14-16 Nov 1989) 60th Shock and Vibration Symposium

Mary Kathryn Eckles

Articles for Middle and High Newspapers

Two articles for the St John’s College Newspaper, the Gadfly

Two blog posts for National Archive Blog — Rediscovering Black History

Dr. David H. Juers

1. David H. Juers, Harold A. Swenson, Sheldon F. Kurath, Configuration and hydrodynamic properties of fully acetylated salep glucomannan. (1967), Doctoral Dissertation at The Institute of Paper Chemistry

Dr. Douglas H. Juers (Whitman College students are indicated with an asterisk.)

1. Von Stetten, D., Giraud, T., Carpentier, P., Sever, F., Terrien, M., Dobias, F., Juers, D.H., Flot, D., Mueller-Dieckmann, C., Leonard, G.A., de Sanctis, D. & Royant, A. In crystallo optical spectroscopy (icOS) as a complementary tool on the macromolecular crystallography beamlines of the ESRF. (2015) Acta Crystallographica D71, 15-26.

2. Matheson, G.R.*, Chang, P.S.*, Rosenbaum, A.*, Juers, D.H. & Juhasz, M.A. Microwave- assisted iodination: synthesis of heavily iodinated 10-vertex and 12-vertex boron clusters (2014) Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic, and Nano-Metal Chemistry (in press).

3. Juers, D.H. & Ruffin, J.* MAP_CHANNELS: A Computational Tool to Aid in the Visualization and Characterization of Solvent Channels in Macromolecular Crystals. (2014) Journal of Applied Crystallography, 47,2105-2108.

4. Farley, C.* & Juers, D.H. Efficient Cryoprotection of Macromolecular Crystals by Vapor Diffusion of Volatile Alcohols. (2014) Journal of Structural Biology, 188, 102-106.

5. Farley, C.*, Burks, G.*, Siegert, T.* & Juers, D.H. Improved reproducibility of cell parameters in macromolecular cryocrystallography by limiting dehydration during crystal mounting (2014) Acta Crystallographica D70, 2111-2124.

6. Juhasz, M.A., Juers, D.H., Dwulet, G.E.* & Rosenbaum, A.J.* Tetraethylammonium 7,12- dicyano-1-carba-closo-dodecaborate (2014) Acta Crystallographica E70, o411-o412

7. Rosenbaum, A.J.*, Juers, D.H. & Juhasz, M.A. Copper-promoted Cyanation of a Boron Cluster: Synthesis, X-ray structure, and Reactivity of 12-CN-closo-CHB11H10.(2013) Inorganic Chemistry 52: 10717-10719.

8. Juers,D.H., Matthews,B.W. & Huber, R.E. LacZ beta-galactosidase: Structure and function of an enzyme of historical and molecular biological importance. (2012) Protein Science 21:1792-1807.

9. Marshall, H.*, Venkat, M.*, Hti Lar Seng, N.S.*, Cahn, J.*, Juers, D.H. The use of trimethylamine N-oxide as a primary precipitating agent and related methylamine osmolytes as cryoprotective agents for macromolecular crystallography. (2012) Acta Crystallographica D68, 69-81.

10. Russi, S., Juers, D.H., Sanchez-Weatherby, J., Pellegrini, E., Mossou, E., Forsyth, V.T., Gobbo, A., Felisaz, F., Moya, R., McSweeney, S.M., Cusack, S., Cipriani, F., Bowler, M.W. Inducing phase changes in crystals of macromolecules: Status and perspectives for controlled crystal dehydration. (2011) Journal of Structural Biology 175, 236-243.

11. Juers, D. H. & Weik, M. Similarities and differences in radiation damage at 100 K versus 160 K in a crystal of thermolysin. (2011) J. Synchrotron Rad. 18, 329-337.

12. Coquelle, N., Talon, R., Juers, D.H., Girard, É, Kahn, R. Gradual Adaptive Changes of a Protein Facing High Salt Concentrations. (2010) Journal of Molecular Biology. 404, 493-505.

13. Alcorn, T.* & Juers, D.H. Progress in Rational Methods of Cryoprotection in Macromolecular Crystallography. (2010) Acta Crystallographica D66, 366-373..

14. Juers, D.H. Rob, B., Dugdale, M., Rahimzadeh, N., Giang, C., Lee, M., Matthews, B.W. & Huber, R.E. (2009) Direct and Indirect Roles of His-418 in Metal Binding and in the Activity of β-Galactosidase (E. coli). Protein Science. 18:1281-1292.

15. Juers, D.H., Lovelace, J., Bellamy, H.D., Snell, E.H., Matthews, B.W. and Borgstahl, G.E.O. (2007) Changes to Crystals of E. coli β-galactosidase During Room-Temperature Low- Temperature Cycling and Their Relation to Cryo-Annealing. Acta Crystallographica. D63, 1139- 1153.

16. Juers, D.H., Kim J., Sieburth, S. McN., and Matthews, B.W. Structural Analysis of Silendiols as Transition-State-Analogue Inhibitors of the Benchmark Metalloprotease Thermolysin. (2005) Biochemistry 44, 16524-16528.

17. Juers, D.H. and Matthews, B.W. Cryo-cooling in macromolecular crystallography: advantages, disadvantages and optimization. (2004) Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 37, 2 pp. 1-15. Review commissioned to BWM.

18. Juers, D.H. and Matthews, B.W. (2004) The Role of Solvent Transport in Macromolecular Crystal Annealing. Acta Crystallographica, D60, 412-421.

19. Juers, D.H., Hadka, S., Matthews, B.W., and Huber, R.E. (2003) The Structural Basis for the Altered Activity of Gly 794 Variants of E. coli β-Galactosidase. Biochemistry 42: 13505-13511.

20. Shoemaker, G.K., Juers, D.H., Coombs, J.M.L., Matthews, B.W. and Craig, D.B. (2003) Crystallization of β-Galactosidase Does Not Reduce the Range of Activity of Individual Molecules. Biochemistry 42: 1707-1710.

21. Juers, D.H., Heightman, T.D., Vasella, A., McCarter, J.D., Mackenzie, L., Withers, S.G. and Matthews, B.W. (2001) A Structural View of the Action of E. coli (lac Z) β-Galactosidase. Biochemistry 40: 14781-14794.

22. Juers, D.H. and Matthews, B.W. (2001) Reversible Lattice Repacking Illustrates the Temperature Dependence of Macromolecular Interactions. Journal of Molecular Biology 311 851-862.

23. Juers, D.H., Jacobson, R.H., Wigley, D., Zhang, X.J., Huber, R.E., Tronrud, D.E. and Matthews, B.W. (2000) High resolution refinement of β-galactosidase in a new crystal form reveals multiple

metal-binding sites and provides a structural basis for α-complementation. Protein Science 9:


24. Juers D.H., Huber, R.E. and Matthews, B.W. (1999) Structural comparisons of TIM barrel

proteins suggest functional and evolutionary relationships between β-galactosidase and other

glycohydrolases. Protein Science 8:122-136.

25. Holland, D.R., Hausrath, A.C., Juers, D.H. and Matthews B.W. (1995) Structural analysis of zinc

substitutions in the active site of thermolysin. Protein Science 4: 1955-1965.

Dr. Joelle Wickens

1. Gardiner, J. and J. D. J. Wickens. 2015. Unwelcome Zephyrs: Air Circulation and Fabric on Display. In Material in Motion. Preprints of the North American Textile Conservation Conference, November 16 – 20, 2015.

2. Guidess, G., W. Donnelly, J. Gardiner, and J. Wickens. 2010. Finding Support: Reassessing & Developing A New Support System For Original Upholstery. In J. Thompson, et al. eds. The Textile Specialty Group Postprints: Volume 20. Washington, D.C.: AIC Textile Specialty Group, 41-54.

3. Gutierrez, J. J., J. D. J. Wickens, and D. H. Norris. 2011. Connecting conservation education to academic, public, and allied communities. In: J. Bridgland, ed. ICOM-CC Preprints, 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon 2011. Portugal: Critério – Produção Gráfica, Lda.

4. Price, l. O. and J. D. J. Wickens. (in progress). Assessing Collection Emergency and Response Training: The risks of Adrenaline. In The Textile Specialty Group Postprints. Washington, D.C.: AIC Textile Specialty Group.

5. Wickens, J. D. J. 2012. Documenting the Globe: recording and conserving modern upholstery techniques and materials before they disappear. In: K. Lohm, ed. The Forgotten History – Upholstery Conservation. Linköping: Linköping University, 186 - 196.

6. Wickens, J. 2006. A global challenge: the search for conservation solutions for Eero Aarnio’s Globe/Ball Chair. In: C. Rogerson & P. Garside, eds. The Future of The 20th Century. Collecting, Interpreting and Conserving Modern Materials. London: Archetype Publications Limited, 117-121. 

7. Wickens, J. & Hayward, M. 2003. Contract for eternity: preserving a hearse cloth made in 1505 for Henry VII.  In: Tales in the Textile: The Conservation of Flags and Other Symbolic Textiles. Preprints of the North American Textile Conservation Conference, November 6-8, 2003. Peebles Island: New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, 196-197.

8. Wickens, J. 2003. Revealing the past, recording the present, Text: For the Study of Textile Art Design and History, Vol. 31. 49-54

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