The Eckles brothers hiking/kayak trip with their sons to Painted Rocks National Lakeshore in the Summer of 2015

We decided it would be fun to do guys only hiking trip again.  Mom and Colleen where staying at Jeff’s cabin in Boyne Mountain, so we looked for a fun place close by so we could get a “twofer.”  A road trip to the UP to visit the Painted Rocks Lakeshore was perfect.  Rachel came with us, so started calling her “Richard.”

Matthew, Will and Ryan

Ryan, Todd, Matthew, Kurt and Mark standing on the top the sand cliffs

Painted Rocks Lakeshore Sand Cliffs

View of the Painted Rocks Lakeshore and kayaks

Some of the boys climbing back up the sand cliff

Todd, Brandon, Mark, Ryan, Matthew, Rachel, Luke, Will, Alex, Kurt and Nick on the Lake Superior Beach

Mark and Kurt hiking the woods above the Painted Rocks Lakeshore

Kurt taking a break on the Lake Superior beach

Richard (aka Rachel) helping Matthew make lunch

Brandon, Ryan and Kurt

Out hiking again - Ryan, Luke, Brandon, Matthew and Todd

It was very green with lots of moss in the UP woods

Looking down at the kayaks from the top of the cliff

Looking down at the kayaks from the top of the cliff

Lake Superior is very clear

Free Breakfast at the hotel

Will, Todd and Richard

Kayak group getting ready for the trip

Miner Falls

Brandon and Matthew had to climb to the bottom

Taking a break after the hike

Getting ready for the big kayak trip

We do not have any good pictures of the actual painted rocks because kayaks and cameras are mutually exclusive.

Mom got use this great picture

Will and Rachel teasing

Matthew, Brandon and Ryan hauling the boat back on a windy day at Deer Lake

Luke and Chloe at Deer Lake

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