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Dinosaur Planet Series

Dinosaur Planet by Anne McCaffrey 

The crew of shipbred technicians sent to the planet Ireta were prepared for a routine mission to catalog flora and fauna and search for new energy sources. Kai and his beautiful coleader Varian, the best xenob-vet in the business, followed all the standard procedures, but the result of their investigations was totally unexpected. When their rescue ship mysteriously disappears, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by giant swamp creatures, deadly predators, and terrifying dinosaurs. 


Dinosaur Planet Survivors [Dinosaur Planet Book 2] by Anne McCaffrey 

Kai and Varian awoke from their forty years of coldsleep only to discover that mutineers had taken over Ireta. But they were determined to save their planet and its unusual dinosaurs. All they had to do was solve the planet's myriad mysteries and gain the trust of the most dangerous beings in their Universe. 


Mystery of Ireta by Anne McCaffery (Two Books)

This book was published as an onmibus edition of Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors 


The Planet Pirates 

Sassinak by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon 

Sassinak was 12 when the raiders came. Old enough to be used, young enough to be broken - or so they thought. But they reckoned without the girl's will forged into a steely resolve to revenge herself on the pirates who had killed her parents and friends 


First of the Planet Pirates Series

The Death of Sleep by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye 

Lunzie Mespil, Healer, is blown out of a space liner. She's not too worried; a month or two in cryogenic stasis awaiting inevitable rescue, and then on with her life. Only, it's not a month or two . . . Lunzie waits for 62 years before she is finally picked up! 1990 

Second of the Planet Pirates Series

Generation Warriors by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon 

The fate of the galaxy is placed in the hands of Lunzie, who discovers the true nature of a new friend; Fordeliton, who is dying of a mysterious poison; Dupaynil, who is exiled; and Aygar, who tries to prove himself. 


Third of the Planet Pirates Series

The Planet Pirates by Anne McCAffery, Elizabeth Moon and Jody Lynn Nye (Three Books)

This book was published as an omnibus trade paperback edition of Sassinak, The Death of Sleep and Generation Warriors

The Doona Series 

Decision at Doona by Anne Macaffrey

After the first human contact with the Siwannese ended in a mass suicide, the Terran government made a law that no further contact with sentient aliens would be allowed. But since their own planet was overcrowed, they looked to colonize Doona--until they found the Hrubbans. Their choice was simple but dangerous. They could kill the cat-like Hrubbans, or for the first time in history, learn to to coexist with an alien race.


First of the Doona Series

Crisis on Doona by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye 

When humans colonized Doona they thought it to be uninhabited. When they discovered another race--the catlike Hrrubans--the two races decided to forego their traditional isolationism and try to share the planet. That treaty is up for review 25 years later, and a conspiracy is afoot to discredit Todd Reeve and Hrriss, best of friends, who have come to symbolize the human/Hrruban cohabitation and, by extension, the treaty.  


Second of the Doona Series

Treaty at Doona by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye 

The peace between humans and cat-like aliens on the unspoiled planet Doona has been hard won. Now a new race of aliens arrives, bringing with them promises of new technology and trade. But the devastating accusation that these newcomers once destroyed life on another planet puts the residents of Doona in peril.   


Third of the Doona Series

Doona by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye 

An omnibus edition of the trilogy

The Acorna Series 

Acorna the Unicorn Girl by Anne McCaffery and Margaret Ball 

Found in a survival pod in space by prospectors, the infant Acorna soon exhibits the ability to analyze deficiencies in plants by taste, purify water and air, and heal. Taken to the planet Kezdet to avoid scientists who want to study her, Acorna discovers barbaric child-labor practices and vows to rescue the children. McCaffrey and Ball have created a magical alien in this fantasy/science fiction story.  

July 1997

Harper Prism HB ISBN:0-061-05296-5

Acorna's Quest by Anne McCaffery and Margaret Ball 

This SF team's earlier novel, Acorna , introduced the alien girl Acorna, an orphan rescued and reared by space-faring humans. Though generally human-shaped, she shares some features with the unicorn of myth--notably, a forehead horn that can heal and purify. Now Acorna blasts off with human friends in search of her own race, who shortly turn up looking for her. These gentle, horned nonhumans are fleeing other aliens who are wanton murderers and torturers that resemble huge cockroaches. Meanwhile, a starship full of dispossessed human miners picks up a scientist whose devastating system of planetary weather control inspires some on-board criminals to stage a coup and use the weather machine to blackmail whole planets; Acorna stumbles into this conflict. Meanwhile, a spacefleet of killer roaches is on its way. 

July 1998, 

Harper Prism HB ISBN:0-061-05297-3 

Harper PB ISBN:0-061-05790-8

Acorna's People by Anne McCaffery and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

Acorna's quest has paid off. With the help of her "uncles" and the thousands of humans who love and admire her, she has found her true people at last. And they have found her--Khornya, daughter of the illustrious Feriila and the valiant Vaanye, who was given up for lost after the insect-like Khleevi destroyed their home planet.  Abandoned in space as a baby, rescued and raised by gruff human asteroid miners, Acorna is at last among her own.  Acorna's people welcome her with a lavish costume ball--and an already-chosen mate! But Acorna still has much to do before she can enjoy the peaceful home she is offered. The legendary resting place of the lost Linyaari ancestors has yet to be found. With the help of the rogue spacetrader Becker and his cat, RK (RoadKill), Acorna must strive to right an unspeakable wrong and defeat an enemy even more cruel than the Khleevi themselves. 


Acorna's World by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

Gentle Unicorn Girl Acorna makes her fourth appearance in this galaxy-spanning successor to Acorna's Quest. Her shy, empathetic race, the pacific Linyaari, are still menaced by the horrid insectoid Khleevi, whose cannibalistic Young feast on their own elders as well as on other races they torture and destroy. Acorna, aboard the Condor, a spacegoing salvage ship captained by her friend Jonas Becker and accompanied by the vile-tempered Makahomian Temple Cat Road Kill and her Linyaari friend, Aari, who was previously maimed by the Khleevi, answers a distress call that leads her to a planet of sticky-veined sentient vines holding the secret to sapping the Khleevi and saving the Linyaari from extermination. Along the way, Acorna and Aari fall in love, a giant new Moon of Opportunity marketing venture (MOO) opens up for Acorna's adopted neo-Bedouin Uncle Hafiz, and the former slave children Acorna rescued earlier enjoy suitable education, gainful employment and a future of endless Happy Meals. 

July 2000

HarperCollins HB ISBN:0-061-05095-4

Acorna's Search by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Homecoming for Acorna of the Linyaari turns out to be not only bittersweet because of the damage sustained to the planet during its occupation by the Khleevi.   Acorna finds out that there's much more to her world than she or anyone else had imagined. It all starts when the teams who are helping to survey the planet for terraforming start to disappear, one by one. At first, Acorna is only a little worried about the disappearances of her friends and co-workers, but when her life-mate Aari goes missing, Acorna will move heaven and earth to bring him back. Mac (an android who wishes he were a Linyaari, even to the point of fashioning himself a horn), a cat named Roadkill and a youngish Linyaari named Thariinye all help Acorna in her search. Acorna and her hastily gathered team race against time (literally) and space to find their missing crewmates, pitting their wits against a world that has been decimated by warfare and a lack of information of any kind and transformed by technology that's more advanced than any they have seen before. 


Acorna's Rebels by Anne McCaffrery and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

McCaffrey (the Pern series) and Scarborough (The Healer's War) offer another readable, lightweight cross between fantasy and SF in their latest novel about Acorna, the Unicorn Girl. A member of the Linyaari, a humanoid race with horns in the middle of their foreheads, Acorna continues to hunt for her beloved life-mate, Aari, who disappeared in Acorna's Search (2002). She travels aboard the starship Condor to the planet Makahomia, which she finds in the grip of a plague killing the sacred Temple cats. Acorna fights a desperate rearguard action against the plague with her horn's healing power, but the mystery clearly lies deeper. With the aid of both Condor shipmates, who include the Temple cat Roadkill (aka RK), and local Makahomians, among them shape-changing priests who can turn into cats, Acorna strives to prevent disaster. She ends up somewhat closer to Aari's trail through space and time, but clearly with several books worth of adventures to go before she reaches him. 

January 2003

Eos Hardcover ISBN:0-380-97899-7

Acorna's Triumph by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

Acorna has finally located her missing life-mate, Aari, though his exile in time has resulted in a disturbing personality change. Besides helping Aari to recover, Acorna must retrieve a hoard of jewels-chrysoberyls used in terraforming, stolen by a troupe of dancing girls with anti-gravity belts-from three races of sulfur-based beings, the Liquids, Solids and Mutables. She must also contend with the return of the Khleevi, disgusting insectoid aliens with evil designs on Acorna's home planet. And of course there is Grimalkin, the felinoid shape-changer, whose antics delay the well-deserved happy ending after all the bopping back and forth through time, across space and in flight from the Khleevi. 2004

Anne McCaffrey's the Unicorn Girl: An Illustrated Novel 

A stunning pictorial fiction that continues the fantastic adventures of Acorna, the Unicorn Girl. After rescuing hundreds of sick children from slave labor on the planet Kezdet, Acorna receives a message that some children have been left behind--and if she wants to save them, this time she must come in secret . . . and alone. Color illustrations

December 1997

Harper Prism llustrated Edition  



The Mark of Merlin by Anne McCaffrey

Carla Murdoch had learned what it was to be alone, growing up on different army posts. But now her officer father meets a mysterious death on a foreign battlefield, and Carla has a killer on her trail. 


Ring of Fear by Anne McCaffrey

This is the story of a woman on the run with only her horses and cat.  She travels from horse show to horse show barely getting by, living in fear.  Finally her past catches up with her, and she is nearly killed trying to rescue her beloved horses from a suspicious barn fire.  Rich and mysterious Rafe, a fellow horseman, rescues her and helps her to face her enemies and uncover her past, even as he finds himself falling for her. 


The Kilternan Legacy by Anne McCaffrey

Irene Teasey came to Ireland to claim an unexpected interitance from an aunt she had never met . . . a legacy of land, a sprawling house, cottages with tenants, and even a horse . . . more than she had dared hope for. Enough to make her independent of her former husband. Enough to start a new life. Together with her children, Simon and Sara, she will find more than escape from an abusive relationship. She will find loyal friends, her extended Irish family . . . and a new love in this beautiful, ancient land 


Stitch in Snow by Anne McCaffrey

A tale of unexpected love and suspense.  Dana Jane Lovell is a savvy, successful, attractive writer of children’s books.  Long resident in Ireland, Dana misses her son, now that he’s at school in the States, and looks forward to her coming book promotion tour there.  Dana has a far deeper sadness as well—there’s no man to share her life with.  On tour, Dana arrives in Denver simultaneously with a blizzard and meets another stranded traveler, Dan Lowell, a rivetingly attractive man.  Snow-bound, the two voyagers share a magical weekend, sheltered from the currents of their busy lives.  As her feelings for Dan deepen, Dana realizes that the currents of Dan’s existence are dark and powerful—and that it will be up to Dana to keep him from being destroyed.  But she may have to relinquish him in order to do it. 


The Year of the Lucy by Anne McCaffrey 

Mirelle Martin finds herself increasingly discouraged by marital turmoil, depleted self-esteem, and a propensity to neglect her artistic talent. Mirelle loves her husband, Steve, but his intense, volatile personality exhausts her, as do his jealous, sometimes violent, tirades. Mirelle stoically endures these outbursts, although the caustic criticism she customarily receives from Steve's overbearing mother wears her down. The elder Mrs. Martin scorns Mirelle largely because she is the illegitimate daughter of a famous singer and the Hungarian painter Lajos Neagu. To placate her mother-in-law, Mirelle conceals her provocative heritage by refusing to seek widespread public attention for her sculptures. Such subservience always outraged her friend Lucy, who, before she died, exhorted Mirelle to be more assertive. Fortunately, the void Lucy left is suddenly filled by concert pianist James Howell, a lonely man who coaxes Mirelle to self-awareness, then falls in love with her


The Lady by Anne McCaffrey 

They are the Caradynes, who for over 200 years have bred and trained horses of the finest caliber on Coernanagh. But all is not idyllic at hearth and home. Catriona, the youngest child, longs to ride her family's big jumpers and show horses. Her father Michael, recognizes her gift, but her mother hates the very idea. All is in a stalemate until Lady Selina Healy enters their lives, and provides for Catriona and her father a stunning example of how the reins of power can be held by a glorious, female.  



Restoree by Anne McCaffrey

Sara, who is abducted by the Mil, amorphous alien creatures that eat human flesh. She is kept alive on a meat hook as a Mil meal until the alien ship she is on is captured by inhabitants of the planet Lothar, who look surprisingly like humans. Without her skin, some Lotharians mistake her for one of their own and perform controversial restoration procedures on her, as well as giving her a free nose job. Sara comes to her senses in a mental institution on Lothar with no memory of what happened, little knowledge of the local language, and a beautiful, golden-skinned body. At the institution, she is treated as if she were retarded 


Get Off the Unicorn by Anne McCaffrey 

Open these pages and discover 14 remarkable stories of fantasy by a grand master of the genre. A wonderful writer, as well as successful and beloved by fans across the world, Anne McCaffrey has created an exciting collection of telepaths, secret gifts, dangerous missions, dragonriders, and more

Jun 1977

ISBN: 0-345-27464-4 

UK Edition: 0-552-10965-7 

0-345-45747-1 (eBook)

No One Noticed the Cat by Anne McCaffrey 

In an enchanting and sophisticated fairy tale for adults and intelligent children alike, a cat who may be more than a cat guides a young prince through the perils of ruling and loving. After the death of Esphania's wise regent, young Prince Jamas finds that the regent's cat, Niffy, seems to have the ability to cause him to have second thoughts when he considers actions that might lead to war or other unpleasantness. When King Egdril of nearby Mauritia appears to be casting an acquisitive eye on Esphania, Jamas, instead of waging war, invites the monarch on a hunting trip to demonstrate the martial skills of the Esphanian nobility. Egdril turns out to be quite a good fellow; it's not until Jamas falls in love with his niece, Willow, that the prince discovers the real source of evil behind the Mauritian throne. After Jamas and Willow are wed, it takes all of Niffy's cleverness to save them, Jamas's princedom and Willow's relatives.  


New American Library Trade Paperback ISBN:0-451-45520-7

An Exchange of Gifts by Anne McCaffery

McCaffrey's latest is a sweet, romantic fantasy set in a realm where each person is born with a gift that determines their future. Meanne, who is not allowed to practice her gift of making plants grow and thrive--because it is so "unsuitable for a princess of the Blood Royal to insert her royal hands in common dirt" --runs away to a deserted, run-down forest hunting lodge. Unschooled in many of the practicalities of setting the hut to rights, she is delighted when a boy named Wisp shows up and joins forces with her. Readers may suspect it before Meanne does, but Wisp has a frightening gift that works a great change for Meanne yet bodes well for their future together.  November 1995

New American Library Trade Paperback ISBN:0-451-45520-7

Space Opera by Anne McCaffery and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

The minstels of SF serenade readers with this magnificent medley of 20 all-original stories, in which music is the featured performer. From the compelling account of a detective/choral singer whose perfect ear for music aids her in fighting crime to a space beacon keeper who must rely on music to rescue her from impending danger to a photographer on a desolate African shoot searching for a mysterious melody, these evocative and harmonic tales make up a SF symphony you'll never forget. 


If Wishes were Horses  by Anne McCaffery 

Young Tizra and her twin brother Tracell find their world abruptly changed when their father is unexpectedly called to fight in a war which promises to last much longer than the usual three-day skirmish. Their mother--the village healer--enlists her children to assist her in caring for the many refugees left wounded and homeless by the conflict. Inspired by her mother, Tizra learns never to surrender hope even in a time of fear and uncertainty 


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