Orbital won a contract to design and build the ICESat-2 Spacecraft:  I lead the study before the proposal in 2010 and convinced the customer to change the requirements in our favor and I supported the color teams in 2011.

See Orbital ATK ICESat-2 Fact Sheet


NASA Balloon Operations Contract (NBOC)

Orbital won NBOC:  I was the proposal manger supporting Technical Services Division (TSD) for about a year.

See Orbital ATK NBOC New Zealand Launch Fact Sheet

Orbital won the JPSS-2 contract design and build the JPSS-2 Spacecraft with options for two more spacecraft:  I wrote a significant portion of the proposal in 2015 and got the only major strength.

See Orbital ATK JPSS Fact Sheet


Landsat 9

Orbital ATK won the Landsat 9 contract to design and build the spacecraft:  I was the Color Team Leader in 2016

See Orbital ATK Landsat 9 Fact Sheet

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