Extended family of Bill and Casey Eckles gathered in Duck, North Carolina in the summer of 1996 - The start of a great tradition

Mom and Dad had a beach house in the Seahawk development in Duck, NC.  They bought the land sight unseen when Chip and Colleen bought a lot in the early 80’s.  They built a house and Chip and Colleen sold their land to buy their first house in Upper Darby, PA.  Mom and Dad visited the house in the spring and fall to enjoy the beach without crowds and to maintain the house for rental during the summer.  In 1996, they scheduled a reunion and rented two other house in the development.

Mom and Dad’s House

Duck, NC beach just four house up the street

The whole group, Mom and Dad, six kids, four in-laws and nine grandchildren

Mom and Dads with their six kids

Chip, Colleen (Pregnant with Matthew), Ryan and Mary Kate

Mom and Dad surrounded by grandkids

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