Work Highlights:  United States Navy and Space Industry

US Navy for 9 years

United States Naval Academy - BSME  

USS Reasoner (FF-1063) - Youngster Cruise

    San Diego and Seattle

USS Harlan County (LST-1196) - First Class Cruise

    Naples, Greece, Rome and Capri

USS Stump (DD-978)

    UNITAS Cruise (Equator twice and Panama Canal)

    Persian Gulf (Suez Canal)

    Overhaul in NYC

    Outer Banks and Caribbean many times

    Two special drydock overhauls for sonar dome

USS Stump as Art

USS Conyngham (DDG-17)

    Caribbean Cruise with USS Iowa

    Overhaul in Philadelphia

Naval Reserves for two years

Chip Eckles - Significant Award and Achievements

US Navy Accomplishments


    Surface Warfare Officers School in Newport, RI - Graduated with Distinction - 

    Damage Control Assistant School in Philadelphia

USS Stump (DD-978)  Jan 1981 to May 1984

    Damage Control Assistent

    Jr Engineer Officer of the Watch

    UNITAS Cruise - June to Dec 1981

        Colleen visited in Rio

        Crossed the equator

        Went through the Straits of Magellan

        Traversed the Chilean inland waterways

        Went through the Panama Canal

    Two short dry-docks at Newport News Shipyard to repair sonar dome

    Led shore firefighting team in Nassau, Bahamas to put our fire in port warehouse

    Persian Gulf Cruise - Oct 1982 to March 1983

        Went through the Suez Canal

            Officer of the Deck - 12 Feb 1983

    Command Duty Officer - 1 Aug 1983

    Overhaul in Coastal Shipyard (Brooklyn Naval Shipyard) - Nov 1983 to Jun 1984

        Worked as Overhaul Coordinator

    Auxiliary Officer for a short time

    Surface Warfare Officer - 20 May 1983

USS Conyngham (DDG-17) Jun 1984 to June 1985

    Combat Information Officer

    Caribbean Cruise with USS Iowa

    Officer of the Deck - 30 Aug 1984

    Overhaul in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

    Command Duty Officer - 15 Oct 1984

    Surface Warfare Department Head Selection - 12 Dec 1984

    Selected as candidate to Navy Post-Graduate Education Program - 1 Jan 1984

    Casualty Assistance Calls Officer

Highest award at Spectrum Astro from the Founder

Won the OrbView-5 Proposal

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