The extended family of Bill and Casey Eckles gathered in Boyne Moutain, MI in the summer of 2001 - First trip to Jeffrey’s cabin

Jeffrey built a log cabin in Boyne Mountain, Michigan to give his boys the same joy he had at Atwood Lake.  We have all enjoyed it over the years.  It is pretty awesome and actually a bit more than a cabin.   It overlooks Deer Lake and we always have to have water near our reunion and after Lake Barclay we needed some place cooler.

The inside of Jeffrey’s cabin

The view of Deer Lake from the cabin

One of the rental cabins that we used

Chip, Colleen, Ryan, Mary Kate and Matthew

Mom and Dad and the grandkids

Jeff, Laurie, Alex and Mike

Rebecca, Mike, Garrison and Maddy

Mark, Jackie and Nick

Kurt, Dana, Rachel and Will

Todd, Julie, Lauren and Brandon

Boy Cousins

Dad and Chip hanging out at Deer Lake

Girl Cousins

MK at the Deer Lake Beach

Jeffrey’s boat got alot of use

More jetski action


MK and Mark on Deer Lake

We stopped a Cabelas outside Dundee, MI

Ryan and Mary Kate


More Indian powo fun

Dad and Brandon

The Chief

Simulated Camp Fire



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