The Wrath by Herb Schultz purchased at ArtOne in Scottsdale in August 2019.  We were looking for something for the Living Room

but it looked great in the Master Bedroom with all the dark cherry furniture .  Let the art shuffle begin!!


A n  o b s e s s i o n  w i t h  d e t a i l

      Herb Schultz is a contemporary portraiture / abstract painter from Phoenix, Arizona. Although a native to the valley, Herb spent several years throughout Southern California before moving back toArizona where he currently lives and works. "California holds a special place because it is where I began painting".  

       His mother recognized and encouraged Herb's creative eye and hand at the very young age of 5. "She educated me through Disney and cinematography mixed with Rockwell, Dali and frequent visits to the Phoenix art museum". Herb's mother entered his illustration work everywhere. Exhibits, art festivals and state fair competitions.  

       Focusing on detail is what drives Herb as a growing artist, "It became instilled in me as a child and never left my side. It is without a doubt, the first comment I always receive from people when they view my work". There have been several roads traveled in Herb's life, and each one has contributed details that are important to the work he continues to create.

        The obstacle that changed Herb's entire life was the sudden death of his older brother Taylor in 2012. "Some of me died with him and the rest of me said, it's time to be the artist you've always dreamed of. A dream for both of us, actually". Herb literally dismissed most of what was in his life and focused only on creating art. "It's a full-time career now. Am I a Late Starter? yes, but I'm happy to finally be my true self.
         As a full time working artist, he finds incredible energy with acrylic paint as his chosen medium. "In most situations, acrylic settles fast and I work fast. There is quite a different mindset involved when creating both, abstract and portraiture. The two styles balance me". Herb explains that his roots with illustration/sketching will always be incorporated into his portraiture painting. "It's very personal to me to hold on to my beginnings using a simple no. 2 pencil. This process is buried under each portraiture painting you see. With an abstract, I just let go with a brush. Most of the time, the final piece surprises me".
        There is a recurring theme that Herb would like to convey to the people that view his work. It is something that took him several years to realize. "Most of my art centers around taking a moment for one's self. Regardless of the mood, there is solitude. It's more prevalent in the portraitures than the abstracts, but it is definitely interwoven in most of the stories I've told and continue to tell.