The family of Bill and Casey Eckles gathered at Saddlebrook Resort north of Tampa after Christmas in 2011

We decided to do the reunion after Christmas in Florida, so Dad did not have to travel and College kids were free during the summer to work.  Mom investigated and found Saddlebrook Resort north of Tampa with a wide range of activities including golf, tennis, swimming and spa.

Saddlebrook Resort Pool

Saddlebrook Resort Condos that we stayed in during our reunion

The entire Eckles Family:  Back row (L-R) Maddy, Ryan Jeff, Mike, Kurt, Brandon; Standing (L-R) Rachel, Mary Kate, Lauren, Todd, Matthew, Garrison Rebecca and Dana; Sitting (L_R) Chip, Colleen, Dad, Mom, Mark, Jackie; In front (L-R) Alex, Laurie, Will, Mike, Nick and Luke

Mary Kate, Matthew, Colleen, Ryan and Chip

Mike, Laurie, Alex and Jeff

Maddy, Rebecca, Mike and Garrison

Jackie, Nick, Mark and Luke

Todd, Lauren and Brandon

Dana, Will, Rachel and Kurt

Shortest to tallest

Maddy, Lauren, Mary Kate and Rachel

Crazy town

Walkway from the condos to the resort

Hanging out at the pool

All the women in my life

Wife, Sister, Mom and Daughter

Todd, Colleen and Brandon at Dali Museum

Mary Kate ad Dali Museum

Dali Museum

Lots of tennis

Some golf

Hot tub and pool were popular

Who is the best team?

The big guys had fun throwing the little guys

The underwater camera was cool

Jackie, Dad, Mark and Nick

Mark’s 50th birthday party was great

Everyone got to play at being Mark

Birthday boy and his big fan

Casey, Mommy, Honey

The girls has some help with their reunion pose

Gulf beach

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