Cool Facts:  College Athletes, Graduate Degrees, Military Service, and Cool Hobbies and Facts

College Athletes

    William Eckles - University of Pittsburg - Hurdles 

    Matthew Eckles - ASU - Pole Vault

    Lauren Eckles - OSU - Crew - National Champion!!

    Brandon Eckles - Springfield College - Basketball

    Doug Juers - Cornell University - Crew coxswain

    Joelle Juers - University of PA - Crew coxswain


Graduate Degrees

    Rosemary Mullen - University of Georgia - MA in 


    David Mullen -  Columbia University  - PhD in Education

    Chip Eckles - Drexel University - MSME

    Kurt Eckles - University of Texas - MBA

    Dana Eckles - University of Texas - MS in     

        Communication Disorders

    David Juers - Institute of Paper Chemistry - PhD in     


    Doug Juers - University of Oregon - PhD in Physics

    Joelle Wickens - University of Southhampton - PhD in 


    Mark Wickens -  University if Michigan  - Doctor of 

        Musical Arts

    Joseph Gilligan - Two Masters from George Washington 

        University and Central Michigan University

Military Service

    David Mullen - Staff Sargent, US Air Force

        Occupied Japan

    William Eckles - Private, US Army

    Chip Eckles - Lt, US Navy

    Doug Melrose - Maj, US Air Force

    Paul Nelson - ?, US Army

    Joseph Gilligan - Lt Col, US Army

        Korea and Vietnam

    Chris Gilligan - Capt, US Army



Cool hobbies and facts

    Clarice Eckles - Singing

    Chip Eckles - Genealogy, photography and websites

    Colleen Eckles - Anything to do with Art

    Jeff Eckles - Boyne Mountain Cabin

    Rebecca Eckles - Making jewelry

    Todd Eckles - Vegetable garden in RI

    David Juers - Singing and ceramics

    Doug Juers - Mountain Climbing

    Joelle and Mark Wickens - Lived in England

    Mark Wickens - Flower and Vegetable garden in DE

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