Letter from Henning Nelson to Family and Oskar Nilsson:  

The letter was sent in 1910 and given to Silva Catalano when she visited Sweden in the 1990’s.   She gave it to me to including in this website.




Translation completed by Eva Engberg (daughter of Nils Alexandersson, son of Ester Nilsson who was a sister of Henning’s).

Front and inside pages:

Ridgeway PA    Oktober 16-1910

Beloved Parents and siblings

Briefly I want to write a few lines and say thank you for the letter I received. It is good to hear that you all have health and are feeling good, that we also can be grateful for. Hope this lines could get back to you with the same good gift.

I want to tell you about the nice autumn weather we have had and are having. Much of the trees are still green. I have heard that Nils is out on military service the second year this year and there is no sadness as long as health is with him. I have seen in the paper that they will have a big maneuver this year too and then the boys will have to keep walking.

I can tell you that the children have done their confirmation in church and I can tell that this was real knowledge of Christianity which was shown by teachers and children. Anything like this you can not see back home in Sweden. You could hear it if you had Lutherian priests like them we have here. Home, in Sweden the priests honor the landlords, and a big deal of them, the barrel of beer instead of the call of the church to explain the words of God, but some of them even make this in a distorted way. So I am not surprised that old Sweden is falling apart. 

Then you have old Waldenström at home, he is one of the most divisive and party sympathizer men Sweden ever had because there is nothing but ambition in that man. If you read his writings and speeches about his traveling and politics you will see that I am right. However worth thinking about. 

I want to end my writing for this time with dear greetings to all of you, 

Kindly Henning           Write soon goodbye


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Upside down he wrote this line on the last page to his brother Oscar:

Write a few lines as soon as your feelings (desire) is in a bad mood and if time is allowed.

From here he wrote as he used to do

Brother Oscar

Brother Oscar

Some lines to you too before I seal my letter. I can tell you that borough works at Plough Works. Now he is getting 82.50 a day. I talked to him in the city last night. He worked in Jamestown this summer. It wrote him and told him to come here and so he did. Hyde & Murphy is building a nice factory now I will say instead of that which burned down.

On the side of the page he wrote in English:

Best regards to you and your best girl.


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