Millcreek’s (Danny Edwards) “Taking the Lead” sculpture purchased on January 31, 2011 using birthday gift from Mom and Dad

Danny Edwards Biography

Danny has been a sculptor for 27 years, creating work for collectors all over the world. His sculptures can be found in the halls of presidents and dignitaries, including the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan and corporations, banks, universities and private collections. His 17-foot tall “Elk Monument” and 32-foot long “Elk and Bear Monument” are famous Jackson Hole, Wyoming landmarks.


Danny concentrates heavily in the wildlife theme and extensively researches each subject he sculpts. “It’s all about Beauty!” he says. “We all try to absorb a little beauty everyday.  We look for it in a sunset, a song, music, a beautiful woman, art, a mountain stream etc.  Since God didn’t create any junk, we can find beauty everywhere, if we will look for it.  My goal, my desire, my passion as an artist, is to bring out that beauty with clay or on canvas.  I enjoy sculpting wildlife because our emotional connection with them is so pure. It doesn’t seem to get all tangled up with human ideologies. They are what they are. Every animal has a certain spirit about it, and a certain way he carries himself; a particular gait in his walk. And each animal leaves a pretty distinct footprint. My job is to somehow bring out some of that emotion for the viewer. When people view it, they don’t always feel the same emotion that I felt when creating the piece, but if it stirs some sort of emotion in them of peace, majesty, elegance, ruggedness, or some other emotion, at least I have brought something out of their soul and they have experienced a bit of life through art.  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and when we are touched by real beauty, in whatever form, we will never be the same.”


Danny also enjoys sculpting authentic Native American subjects. He depicts these first Americans in fluid motion scenes that capture the danger, emotion, and excitement that they must have experienced.


He also enjoys themes of historic significance. For example, his authentic rendering of the Silver City stagecoach and six horses that ran between Winnemucca, Nevada and Silver City, Idaho back in the 1870’s. He loves to tell the true stories that inspire the sculptures.


Most all of Danny’s sculptures are limited editions. They usually are limited to under 50 pieces in the bronze editions, which makes them appealing to serious collectors.


Danny is a devoted family man and enjoys any opportunity to be with family, especially if it is camping, hiking, or exploring in the mountains of Idaho. Danny’s wife, Lynda, has been his cheerleader and business partner for all of the 41 years of their marriage. She is also his coach, bookkeeper and critic. They are a wonderful team together. They both share a great faith in God and love this wonderful country we call America. They are both heavily involved in gospel music. Lynda is an accomplished pianist and Danny plays the bass guitar.


Career Highlights

Educational Highlights:

1965 - 1968 Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa Idaho; Studied - Art and Religion

Career Highlights:

1968 - 1976 Independent Business Owner

1976 - 1980 Owned and operated Dande Wood Manufacturing. Designed all the furniture designs

1980 - 1994 Danny D’s Furniture Store

1984 - Present:  Sculpting, oil painting and foundry manufacturing of fine art piece

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