Graham Gercken’s Central Coast painting purchased in 2011 after visiting Hawaii and seeing the beautiful beaches

Graham Gercken was born in Southport Queensland in 1960, but spent most of his life in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. This region with its natural beauty was Graham's inspiration to become a Landscape Artist.  Graham recalls his father painting the ships he sailed in during the Second World War and the smell of oil paints and turpentine lingering through the house.  

He has been painting full time for over 20 years, has won many awards including a number of first places, had sellout exhibitions at Prouds Art Gallery Sydney and has his paintings in some of Australia's most prestigious Art Galleries as well as the Korean consulate. Grahams works have been presented to visiting dignitaries and sports persons such as Wayne Gardener. There are no formulas to his pallette, years of on location painting has trained his eye to see how varied natures true colors are. His work is a sure investment as well as being something of great beauty.

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