Galya Bukova’s knife art of nude female purchased on internet on August 6, 2009

Galya Bukova Born on July 19th 1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated the Secondary School for Applied ARTs and painting in Sofia and Delta College in Sofia.  Her main activities are paintings, wall decor, silk art and other craft projects.  She currently lives and works in Sofia.

'There is no must in art because art is free.' - Wassily Kandinsky

Art as such is a pure reflection of the artist's nature and inner world. I have been always qualified myself as an experimentator and a hunter for new and interesting art techniques, expressions in different mediums and materials.  Each day I learn and explore something new to me which I test, apply and develop.  My art is a metaphor of my vision of life - positive, dynamic and simple, clear along with pureness of intense colors I'm often defining faces, figures, flowers, landscapes, faces, citiscapes and pure abstracts. The refractioned lights, contours and layers are the main substances of my art works, prismatic and sometimes even architectural.  I'm passionate in using more bold and vivid colors to create the subject in a great intact harmony and sensation.

My dancers series are depicting the motions harmony, passion and even drama. Dance for me is a pure expression of the soul motion. My figures are often depicted as birds, butterflies and fairies, transforming the human forms merged with stylized elements of wings, flames and waves suggesting the idea of the ever human elan to be free, to fly, to be perfect, to be "re-borned".  I try to find the balance between the exact form and abstract elements in palette knife textures, lines and layers, often accenting on details. I believe that the art should send a message, bring positive emotions and beauty on its own way.  Life could be as colorful and beautiful, as we create it. This is my message, my philosophy and inspiration, this is my palette and my soul, this is life as I understand it.

Participations and personal exhibitions:


Graphic and Painting in Bojurishte (Bulgaria);

1994, Graphic and Painting in the Town' Hall of Kavarna (Bulgaria);

1996, Author's scarves in the gallery "Ivan Funev" in Sofia (Bulgaria)

FASHION-SHOWS: 1998, Author's Scarves "Week of accessories" - Sofia (Bulgaria); 1999, Author's Scarves - "ART-T" gallery, Popovo (Bulgaria);

1999, Author's Scarves "Week of accessories" - Sofia (Bulgaria);

2000, Author's Scarves "Week of accessories" - Sofia (Bulgaria).


1996, Anniversary Exibition of the SSPAA in the National Historical Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria

2002, Icarus International Group exhibition, North Carolina (USA).

2005-2006, Art domain Gallery, group exhibition, Germany.

2008, Avinsen ART online competition (First prize: Textile)

2011, Art Visa Bulgaria group exhibition, Sofia (Bulgaria);

2011, Honourable mention award Artavita (online competition)

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