My best photography by model, favorite places and other

Favorite Model - My beautiful, sexy, loving wife

Second Favorite Model - My beautiful, tall daughter

Arizona Photo Album Page

    West Fork of Oak Creek many times

    Havasupi Canyon with Colleen and Ryan

        Antelope Canyon with Jeff and Family

        Desert Botanical Garden with Chilhuly

    Lake Powell with Jeff and Family

    Flagstaff many times

    Spring Valley many times

    Boyce Thompson Arboretum many times

    Sedona many times

West Coast Photo Album Page

    Santa Fe, NM with Whitmores

    Yellowstone, WY with Rebecca and Family

    Kauai, HI with Family 

    Oahu, HI with Colleen

    Carlsbad, CA with Gilligan’s

    Morro Bay, CA with Family 

    Seattle, WA with Colleen

    San Antonio, TX with the Catia and Rich

    Rocky Point, Mexico several times  

    Zion and Bryce National Parks many times

East Coast Photo Album Page               

    Cape May, NJ with Colleen

   Duck, North Carolina with Mom and Dad Eckles

    Longwood Gardens, PA with Joelle and Family

    Annapolis, MD many times

    Lake Wales, FL many times

Other Photo Album Page     

    Candid pictures


    ASU Track