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Coelura & Nimisha & Crystal universe 

The Coelura by Anne McCaffery

Caissa decides to take her cruiser for a spin.  Before too long Caissa realizes that she foolishly forgot to check her cruiser's solar panels and that she will run out of power before she can return to the city.  She intends to fly back as far as she can and then camp and wait for the sun's rise the next day when she picks up a weak distress signal coming from the forbidden zone.  When she responds, she finds the most beautiful man she has ever seen.  Murell doesn't trust her, but he is wounded and his antique flyer is beyond his repair skills.  Despite some suspicion on both sides, they soon find that there is a strong, instantaneous attraction between them, but what kind of future can they have?  Caissa dares to dream that somehow, someway they can be together for longer, but when Murell discovers who her father is, he leaves.  For Murell knows that Caissa's father will do anything to capture one of the elusive, mythical coelura - the very creatures that he has sworn to protect. 


Corgi/UK, ISBN: 0-552-12817-1  

Tor Books Paperback, ISBN:0-812-50297-3 

Baen Books HB ISBN:0-671-72166-6

Nimisha's Ship by Anne McCaffrey 

Nimisha, heir to her mother's wealth and high status, tomboyishly prefers the spaceship yards of her absentee father. She sneaks off to work with him and emerges as a gifted ship designer. One day, testing a splendid new space-yacht, she falls through a wormhole to a far-off region of the galaxy. This contains a planet of unfriendly beasties--mostly leathery-winged avians, easily shot down by Nimisha's yacht AI--and stranded wormhole victims: a haggard human party easily put right by medical treatment, and midget aliens who are easily befriended. Romance soon blooms for Nimisha, and she settles down to have the nicest human castaway's babies (twins, then triplets). Meanwhile, rescue missions are on the way, one by the long, slow route and one by accidental wormhole encounter. Happy family reunions follow, with a certain twinkly charm but no real suspense or surprise.  (1998)

The Crystal Singer Series 

Crystal Singer [Crystal Singer Book 1] by Anne McCaffrey 

Her name was Killashandra Ree. And after ten grueling years of musical training, she was still without prospects. Until she heard of the mysterious Heptite Guild who could provide careers, security, and wealth beyond imagining. The problem was, few people who landed on Ballybran ever left. But to Killashandra the risks were acceptable.  


First of the Crystal Singer Trilogy

Killashandra [Crystal Singer Book 2] by Anne McCaffrey 

At first Killashandra Ree's ambitions to become a Crystal Singer, get rich, and forget her past, were going just as she had hoped. But after she grew wealthy, a devastating storm turned her claim to useless rock. In short order she was broke, she had crystal sickness so bad she thought she was going to die, and the only way she could be true to the man she loved was to leave him. 


Second of the Crystal Singer Trilogy

Crystal Line [Crystal Singer Book 3] by Anne McCaffrey 

When Killashandra Ree first joined the mysterious Heptite Guild to become a crystal singer, she knew that she would be forever tied to the planet Ballybran. She could leave ... but she would always have to come back, drawn like a magnet by the song of crystal that pulsed through her veins. Crystal singing brought ecstasy and pain, near-eternal life ... and an increasing loss of memory that bit by bit would erase the parts of that long, long life that lay behind her.  1992 

Third of the Crystal Singer Trilogy

Several "Crystal Singer" short stories also appear in the anthologies Continuum 2 and Continuum 4, both edited by Roger Elwood.

The Petaybee Series 

Powers That Be [Book 1 of the Petaybee Trilogy] by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

Major Yanaba Maddock wasn't much good to the company anymore. With lungs practically destroyed by poison gas in a military debacle, she could barely breathe without coughing, much less do anything the least bit strenuous. But it wasn't the company's way to discard those they might still find some use for...and so they retired Yana to the icy planet Petaybee to do their spying. Strange things were happening on Petaybee, it seemed. Unauthorized genetically engineered species had been spotted.  


Book One of the Petaybee series

Power Lines [Book 2 of the Petaybee Trilogy] by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

Yanaba Maddock's career as a spy ended the moment the planet Petaybee and its people adopted her as one of their own. Her aim now is to stop Intergal from exploiting the world she has come to love. Only solid evidence can convince the company to leave the planet alone.  


Book Two of the Petaybee series.

Power Play [Book 3 of the Petaybee Trilogy] by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 

Petaybee was growing up. Day by day, the sentient planet--like any child--was learning to recognize and understand the meaning of outside stimuli, to respond to those stimuli, to communicate its own needs and desires...even to use human speech. But few outsiders truly cared for the feelings and intelligence of what they perceived to be a giant hunk of rock--or a mere oddity to be gawked at. Some came to worship the newly awakened soul.  


Book Three of the Petaybee series The Dinosaur Planet and Planet Pirate Series

Brawn & Brain The Ship Series 

The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey

The brain was perfect, the tiny, crippled body useless. So technology rescued the brain and put it in an environment that conditioned it to live in a different kind of body - a spaceship.  Here the human mind, more subtle, infinitely more complex than any computer ever devised, could be linked to the massive and delicate strengths, the total recall, and the incredible speeds of space. But the brain behind the ship was entirely feminine - a complex, loving, strong, weak, gentle savage - a personality, all-woman, called Helva.


First of the Brainship series

PartnerShip by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball 

The first of a series set in the same universe as "The Ship Who Sang". Nancia is her name, NX-928 her designation. A brand new member of the elite Courier Service of the Central Worlds, she's the "brains" within one of the most advanced interstellar ships around. 


Second of the Brainship series

The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey 

Hypatia Cade the highly precocious daughter of an archaeologist couple is bitten by a bug. This leaves Hypatia or Tia for short paralyzed and in dire straits indeed. An option for Tia might be the Shell person's program. Thus Tia  goes on to train for the B & B ship program. After graduation she takes her chances with brawn Alexander Joli-Chanteau. 


Third of the Brainship series

The City Who Fought by Anne McCaffrey and S. M. Stirling 

Space Station SSS-900C, a profitable but out-of-the-way trading and mining center, is attacked by Kolnari, pirates from a planet of sociopathic exiles. While awaiting the arrival of the Central Worlds' Navy, the inhabitants play for time with a major deception planned by Simeon, the shellperson operating the station, whose hobby is the study of early warfare, including guerrilla tactics. Central to the scheme is obedience to all the Kolnari's demands while keeping secret the fact of Simeon's existence, since if the Kolnari gained control of the technically sophisticated shellperson they would have an intolerable advantage. As Simeon clandestinely builds his trap for the Kolnari, he wistfully watches and encourages a love affair between Channa Hap, the woman he loves and cannot have, and a noble refugee. 

1993   Fourth of the Brainship series

The Ship Who Won by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye 

Because she was deformed at birth, Carialle underwent surgery and is enclosed inside a shell. As a "shellperson", Carialle is placed inside a spaceship which she controls entirely with her mind. Her and her partner (a "brawn" named Keff) then blast off on a dangerous mission to find intelligent life in the universe. She and Keff find other sentient beings on an uncharted planet, but something strange is going on. The inhabitants, who appear to be human, demonstrate awesome magical powers! Ruling over a lower caste of slaves, these people are colorful and passionate, and constantly waging magical wars with one another. Carialle and Keff discover the secrets this world holds, and find that nothing on Orza is what it appears to be. The magicians themselves don't even know the true mysteries behind their powers.  1994 

Fifth of the Brainship series

Brain Ships by Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey and Margaret Ball 

Contains two books The Ship Who Searched and Partnership


The Ship who Saved the Worlds by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye  (Contains The Ship who Won and The Ship Errant)

The City and the Ship by Anne McCaffrey and S.M. Stirling

Contains The City who Fought and The Ship Avenged 

This series also includes solo entries by Stirling and Nye

The Ship Errant by Jody Lynn Nye 

Carialle, for those unfamiliar with the series, is a "brain"--a human being born so badly malformed that her only hope for survival was to be encased permanently in an artificial environment and trained to become the guiding force of a space station or (in her case) a spaceship--a Central Worlds explorer-craft whose mission is to "seek out new life and new civilizations," as Star Trek had it.  After lengthy training, she chose a "brawn" (a normal person who could act as her arms and legs)--Keff, a romantic and amateur linguist with a weakness for holographic adventure games like Myths and Legends--and they set out on what will be a 25-year partnership.  In the previous book, they discovered the planet Ozran, where two lost colonies--one human, one of the amphibioid Cridi--co-existed and shared a Cridi technology known as "Core" which permitted feats that would seem magical to nontechnological races.  Now they have been assigned to carry a Cridi delegation home to their world of origin and invite the mother culture to become members of CW.  What they didn't realize before they left Ozran was that the Cridi homeworld is close--literally painfully so--to a region of space where Carialle once suffered a catastrophic mishap which nearly destroyed her then ship-body, and was (or thinks she was) boarded and stripped by beings she was never able to identify.  Upon re-entering that region, she suffers flashbacks which lead Inspector-General Maxwell-Corey to conclude that she is insane and should be removed not only from the mission but from service entirely.  But Cari's not giving up without a fight, and neither is Keff.  When the CW ship sent to relieve her is attacked by a pirate craft, they realize that Carialle's memories were accurate, and take off in pursuit of the pirates.  Cridi friends old and new join their quest, which leads eventually to the discovery of yet another sapient race, the griffin-like Thelerie, and to Carialle's vindication when the pirate ringleader is capture 


The Ship Avenged by S.M. Stirling 

Another entry in the Brain/Brawn series created by Anne McCaffrey, and a direct sequel to the paperback The City Who Fought (McCaffrey and Stirling); ``brains'' are humans wired directly and immovably into their spaceships, ``brawns'' their mobil human partners. Planet Bethel bigwig Amos ben Sierra Nueva and his daughter Soamosa are kidnapped by the evil mutant, Belazair of Kolnar, in revenge for a previous defeat; Belazair plans to infect Amos with a contagious brain-destroying virus and then send him back to Bethel. So, after some arm-twisting by secret agent Bros Sperin, spaceship Wyal (brain: Rand; brawn: Joat Simeon-Hap) speeds to the rescue, though Joat and Rand don't yet know about the virus. But then Belazair's kindly son, Karak, refuses to torture Soamosa; instead he falls in love and escapes with her. Joat, meanwhile, discovers that one of Belazair's key associates is the drug-ruined uncle who, when she was a small girl, sold her into slavery in settlement of a gambling debt. Not to worry, though: In McCaffrey universes, the good guys always win in the end. 


The Freedom (Catteni) Series 

Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey

Kristin Bjornsen, an escaped human slave on the planet Barevi, saves one of the Catteni masters, Zainal, from being killed in a blood feud. When she tries to return him to the capital city, she is caught in a roundup of troublemakers designated for colonization duty. Among those dropped with few supplies on the unexplored new planet, later named Freedom, is Zainal, who turns out to be an aristocrat of his species. After Zainal is again saved from death, this time at the hands of vengeful former slaves, he casts his lot with the castaways, who have turned to former Marine sergeant Chuck Mitford for leadership. In sturdy Robinson Crusoe fashion, the survivors overcome the odds against them, rescue other castaways and find signs of a mysterious civilization that is using Freedom as a giant mechanized farm. They also deal with the few bad apples in their midst. Meanwhile love blossoms between Zainal and Kristin, to the displeasure of some of the other humans. 


Ace, ISBN 0-441-00338-9

Freedom's Choice by Anne McCaffrey

Continuing the storyline from Freedom's Landing (LJ 4/15/95), this second book in the series finds the human and aliens on the penal planet Botany planning a rebellion against their slavemasters. After the Catteni subdue and transport to penal colony planets people from Earth and other civilizations for their Eosi masters, one Catteni, Zainal, chooses to remain on Botany. His plan? To join his fellow slaves in convincing the absentee owners of the planet to turn against the Eosi and free the colonists. McCaffrey is at her best with interspecies interactions and uniting for a goal against a common enemy. Highly recommended for sf collections.  

June 1997

Puntam Hardback ISBN:0-399-14270-3

Freedom's Challenge by Anne McCaffrey

Another rousing episode, perhaps the last, in McCaffrey's saga, begun in Freedom's Landing (1995) and continued in Freedom's Choice , about the colonists on the planet Botany. Botany is now under attack by the Eosi, who are unable to penetrate the planet-surrounding Bubble constructed by the advanced race that had given permission for the colony to remain on the planet. Kris Bjornson, who was with the first group dumped on the planet by the Eosi-dominated Cattani forces, is one of the settlement's leaders, as is her lover, the insurgent Cattani, Zainal. Having built a new home for themselves, the settlers decide it is time to contact dissidents on the various Eosi-controlled worlds and wage a war of liberation. Since the Botany settlers possess stolen technology, including Cattani warships, they are able to rescue other victims of the Eosi and bring them to Botany. Kris and Zainal lead a small band, all disguised as Cattani, to the Cattani home world on the first sortie to enlist Cattani rebels in the battle. 


Freedom's Ransom by Anne McCaffrey

The planet Botany was settled by a mixed group of humans and aliens, slaves of the alien Catteni and their alien masters, the Eosi. But one Catteni was dropped on Botany with the slaves: Zainal, who helped them win their independence. Now Botany must establish trade with other planets in order to survive. But the other worlds have been ravaged by the Catteni, and once-proud Earth has been reduced to primitive poverty, its technology stolen by corrupt Barevi merchants. To save Botany, Zainal and Kris Bjornsen, his human lover, must find a way to help all the world  2002


Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey 

Galwyn, son of a Roman Celt, escapes from his tyrannical uncle and joins Lord Artos, later know as King Arthur, using his talent with languages and way with horses to help secure and care for the Libyan horses that Artos hopes to use in battle against the Saxons. 

April 1996

Harcourt Brace School & Library Binding


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